Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Yes I'll be doing a "150th post" post

Think that just because we're in the middle of the End of 10 feature I'd skip a chance to heap praise on myself? You fool. But really, 150 posts in a year is something I'm pretty proud of. That's a 50% increase in production from last year, and we're not even done yet.

Will I continue this trend? I highly doubt it -- it's hard to run a blog and keep the posts both interesting and frequent. 2010 may well be remembered as HSW's prime--I hope it isn't, but it's definitely plausible as my work schedule gets busier and my free time dries up. But for now, we continue to rock and roll. Thank you for visiting and reading, being a follower, and humoring my fanboyism on a regular basis.

Update: Also, we just got our 40th follower! I think we had like 15 or 20 when the year started. So that's pretty cool.

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