Wednesday, January 12, 2011

11 Best: Introduction

It's the year 2011 y'all. That means Broken Social Scene's "Water In Hell" is officially out of date and we can all laugh when they sing "It's the year 2010!". That's why you don't timestamp songs. Anyway, I'm trying to cook up some new and exciting things for the blog this year--and while I don't know if I'll be able to churn out quite as many posts as last year, I still want to offer some worthwhile stuff.

I'm happy to announce a cool new feature I'm going to try to do on a monthly basis. The Deeper In will go dormant for now (I don't want its already-immense tag count to get too inflated.) I still may do a Deeper In every now and then, but this particular feature will be its own animal. Here's how it'll go down: every month, I'll choose 11 great songs (or perhaps albums, we'll see) that fit a category--for instance, January's category is "Instrumental Songs". I'll then rank them as a Top 11 list, because bitches love lists.

The format will be as follows: I'll do an introductory post where I'll write a bit about the category in question and name a few Honorable Mentions. The list itself will roll out in 3 posts: 11-7, 6-2, and then the top spot reveal. I'll conclude with a  wrap-up post. By the way, since December will inevitably be chock full of year-end type stuff, I'm gonna take this even meta-er and only do it until November. That's right: 11 songs, 11 lists, 11 months. I will also post them on the 11th minute of the 11th hour of the 11th day of each month(----->this is highly unlikely.) I'll try to include Youtube links to each song, as well as attach a .zip of all the songs at the end of each list. The latter deliverable might be a bit more difficult, since my music is scattered among several computers and a whole bunch of CDs I haven't gotten around to ripping...but I'll do what I can.

As far as a name for the feature goes, I mined the ol' creative quarry and and came up with "11 Best".  *crickets* Yes, but if the name was better than that, the content would pale in comparison. Keep expectations low and you're set up for success! As always, keep in mind that I'm just drawing from my own catalog here, so odds are you'll see a lot of the same artists crop up throughout the year--although I'll try not to repeat one artist on the same list.

Keep an eye out for this month's aforementioned instillation in the next month or so.

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