Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Poll: What Bespectacled Indie Guy Releases the Best album of 2010?

Only the most passionate HSW devotees (re: me) will remember this edition of our Musical Lookalikes feature, where we compared Pac Northwest indie rock dopplegangers Colin Meloy and Ben Gibbard. Just so happens that both those guys front bands who have 2011 releases on tap. Colin's Decemberists are on the brink of releasing The King Is Dead (spoiler: it's awesome) next week, and Ben Gibbard took enough time away from admiring Zooey Daschenel's naked body to record a new Death Cab album.

But there's more swoopy haired, black-rimmed indie nobility making new music; in fact, you needn't do more than scroll down for visual evidence. The Will Sheff-fronted Okkervil River is priming a May release. And while his hair isn't swoopy, fellow four-eye Chaz Bundick will soon release his follow-up to HSW's #12 album of 2010.

We'll call it a 4-man battle royal: who delivers the goods this year? Again, you may have already heard The King Is Dead, which could give Colin an unfair advantage. But it could work both ways: perhaps it's not your thing (I'll assume you're either deaf or crazy) and you'll vote for somewhere else.

Also, a bit of housekeeping: I've updated the Lists page with all the End of 10 stuff. Furthermore, I'm about to announce a new feature, today or tomorrow. Keep an eye out!

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