Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Stray thoughts on 2011 so far...

Happy February, everyone. The first twelfth of 2011 is behind us, and as far as I'm concerned, this is already shaping up to be an excellent year for music. I certainly don't remember being this excited last year. There a ton of new releases on the way, and it seems like a new one is announced every couple of days or so.

2010 was a year for new finds--almost 40% of our top 25 albums were by artists I hadn't previously explored. While there's no telling what new-to-me stones I'll turn over this year, I do know that the current release slate is chock full of personal favorites. Obviously, this is a function of being a more seasoned music fan--the more bands I discover, the more releases I'll anticipate. Still, it seems like 2011 is bringing the goods. Consider this:
  • Three out of four of HSW's Album of the Year winners will release new LPs in 2011.
  • Nine bands with five or more tags (see list at the right) already have released albums or are scheduled to do so.
  • Already have five shows on the docket for this year. This is actually tracking similarly to last year, but I'm anticipating a big touring slate this summer.
  • I've already come to know and love an LP that wasn't even close to being on my radar: Dye It Blonde by the Smith Westerns.

Just keep in mind that we're only one month into the year. I've already heard about seven new albums so far, and at least five of them are already making cases for inclusion on our year end list.

There is also reason to believe that some big hitters might be releasing new albums this year, including Wilco, Radiohead, My Morning Jacket and The Avett Brothers*. Let's hope 2011 continues its momentous path, because it could shake out as the biggest year for music since this blog revved up almost 4 years ago.

*In order of ascending likelihood.

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