Tuesday, March 29, 2011

11 Best Builds: 1

1. Neutral Milk Hotel - "Ghost"

This one wasn't close: "Ghost" is one of the most spectacular builds you'll ever hear. Over four minutes, the song shakes and shudders like a pre-launch before it finally rockets skyward in the final verse. Impressive when you consider Jeff Mangum's vocals are virtually unwavering throughout. The instrumental arrangement deserves the credit, especially the drums. But why try to reinvent the wheel? Allow me to quote myself, from a piece I wrote on In the Aeroplane Over the Sea from a few years back:
"The album's finest moment is 'Ghost', a song that features an absolutely brilliant build, and the most attractive melody line on the album. The drums fight to remain dormant, bursting through in powerful rolls until the final verse, when they finally boil over into a steady gallop; the song codas with an instrumental flourish, repeating the melody line in a proud choir of sound."
Don't let it be said that this "build" emphatuation is a recent development...


Wrap-up tomorrow...

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