Thursday, March 10, 2011

Man Man has has a a new new album album. (Mayhem Mayhem?)

I've only ever mentioned Man Man once on this blog, back in 2009. But they're pretty damned good and I listen to Rabbit Habbits semi-regularly. They've been off my radar lately, but only yesterday I read that they have a new disc on the way. It's called Life Fantastic and I'm excited about it for two reasons:
  1. Mike Mogis produced it. Mogis is on my shortlist of favorite producers, and I hold dear many of the albums he's been involved with. Plus he's an pretty bad-ass musician (see Bright Eyes review just below this post for more.)
  2. The album drops on May 10, which means it's a possible MAYhem contestant. I'll probably limit it to six, like last year, but if My Morning Jacket decides to drop Circuital before or after May, Man Man will get the nod.
But it could be a good sign if Man Man isn't on the official list. Last year, the two best albums in May (according to you and me, respectively) weren't in the running: Black Keys won the fan vote by a mile, and Phosphorescent's Here's to Taking It Easy was favorite by the month's end.

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