Friday, March 4, 2011

MMJ brings good tidings to round out your week

It was just three damned days ago that I posted about the Felice Brothers pushing their new album back to May, thus making them contenders for MAYhem. In that post, I wrote:
"Still waiting for a sixth entrant--who wants in this rodeo? Looking at you My Morning Jacket."
And wouldn't you know it, yesterday the news broke that a new MMJ record (entitled Circuital) is now imminent. No release date as of yet; all they've said is spring 2011. My theory is this: April seems too soon and I feel like June is more of a summer month (despite being 2/3 spring.) Hopefully we'll know soon enough, but MMJ would enter as a heavyweight into what's already looking like a stout competition.

Additionally, this could mean more touring for the ever-nomadic MMJ--wouldn't mind catching them again!

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