Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Low Anthem covers Wilco

The Onion AV Club is just getting to its second season of "AV Undercover", a feature wherein they bring in younger indie rock acts to cover a more well-known track. It's a great idea (kinda makes HSW's features look silly by comparison) but more often than not, I'll be unfamiliar with the song being covered or the band that's covering it. But I awoke this morning to a welcome sight: a band I knew covering a song I loved.

The Low Anthem's sincere Americana approach would suggest they're disciples of Tweedy and crew, and the video below confirms that hunch. Here they play a decidedly Low Anthemy version of Summerteeth's "A Shot In the Arm", which remains Wilco's most-played song as of last year, according the sadly un-updated WilcoBase.com. It's not quite as maniacally explosive as the original, but they do a fine job of making it their own. I especially like their treatment of the repeated line, "There's something in my veins/it's bloodier than blood"--still one of Tweedy's more chilling lyrical confessions. 

The Low Anthem covers Wilco

*If that video doesn't work for you--I know YouTube's new embed codes are screwing with certain browsers--go here to watch for yourself.

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