Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New Poll: Who released the best album of the first half of 2011?

Folks, I've got big things planned for this new year. I tell you, this is going to be the Year of George. I'm gonna make changes--big changes. Get my act together. Settle down a bit. Take on some projects I've long-meant to--

[Glances at calendar]

Holy shit! It's June already? The hell with it then. Anyway, we've barreled through the first half of 2011, but thankfully we stopped and smelled the new music along the way. Later this month, I'll be doing my Fifth Annual Midway Through the Year Music Awards. But first, I want to get your input.

Which of these albums is the best we've heard so far? Was it one of the big January releases? A MAYhem contestant? Your favorite may not be on there, but hang your hat on whichever of the choices is best for you. For the first time, I've even allowed you to select more than one. And if you feel the urge, post your favorite in the comments section. Voting starts now and ends on June 30 at noon. Jump on it!

1 comment:

Reese said...

I only have "Angles" by The Strokes on this list and can't, in good conscience, vote for it, George.

The Best Album Of The First Half Of 2011 is "Southerner" by Trent Dabbs.