Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Low Anthem is quitting...or taking a break...or something...

I don't know why I insist on using my own shitty iPhone concert photos, but here were are.

As obtuse announcements go, this one rates up there with lowercase Radiohead website statements and rambling Ryan Adams Facebook posts. Indeed, the Low Anthem sent out a somewhat ominous epistle to its mailing list that starts off as a farewell letter but then takes a turn for the optimistic.

Indeed, the e-mail began the way most "Dear Fan," letters do:
"It was nearly 3 years ago when we first self-released Oh My God, Charlie Darwin."
After that, they wax reflective for a while--taking a shot at "watery bullshit known as indie music" and championing their purist approach--but never quite drop the bomb. They seem to suggest that their upcoming tour (which brashly ignores Charleston) will mark the final pages of this "chapter." Chapter of what, you ask? I don't know. Part of me thinks they're just sick of promoting their 2011 LP Smart Flesh, or maybe they're recognizing the implausibility of playing their style of music in front of larger audiences. Anyway, they do provide some concrete optimism:
"It's not the end."
"There is no end."
Aw, damnit. So it's just one of those cryptic teaser things that alludes to the power of the recorded sound and communal ownership of music? To be fair, they do make light of the dozens of unrecorded songs they've written and some other ambitions, but invite the conclusion that the end of their tour will mark a period of extended dormancy. Maybe Ben Knox Miller will have time to work on that screamo side project he's been  considering [citation needed].

Regardless, they've left us with an admirable canon (including bonafide new classic in Charlie Darwin) and me personally with a memorable concert experience and a sweet T-shirt. So best of luck to TLA in their endeavors, and we'll look forward to catching up with you down the road!

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