About Us

Hearsoundswrite is a music blog run out of South Carolina. Contrary to overriding perceptions of this state, there are pockets of sanity and areas of cultural vivacity that breed musical appreciation. I started this blog in the summer of 2007, coinciding with my entry into the professional world. My goals aren't lofty; I'm not looking to create a major news outlet here, nor foster a thriving environment of user activity (not that I'd mind it). In some senses, it's nothing more than an open journal, a catalog of my musings and whims that allows me to dig through the archives and think "Ah yes, I remember that." You will see straight news and satire; but the real bread and butter of this blog is critical analysis and concert reviews.

I aim for about ten updates a month--a small number by many blogs' standards but I do try to keep it substantial. I do encourage reader feedback through comments or poll votes or e-mails, but I won't be discouraged by a lack of it. Again, the principal function of HSW's existence is as an archive of my own growth and progression as a music fan. Anything else is gravy.

As for me -- I'm a graphic designer and musician. My tastes lean towards Americana, but really anything with discernible passion is at least admissible. To get an idea of the specifics, look at the tags on the home page, but my favorites include Wilco, Tom Waits, Bob Dylan, Mark Kozelek, Radiohead, Ryan Adams, the Felice Brothers, the Decemberists, and other acts that are at least tangential to those.

You'll also see posts by Thomas and Drew, likeminded cohorts and fellow products of the University of South Carolina. Both are excellent writers, but lead more busy and productive lives than my own, which is why I'm able to provide the bulk of the output.

So thanks for stopping by, and I sure hope you like what you see.